Now providing customers with the most comprehensive line of hearing and communications solutions.
Safe and reliable communications in the most demanding continuous noise environments.
The most advanced noise suppression products, delivering safety and durability.
Safety and performance together mean the best protection in the toughest noise environments.

The Sound of Safety

Aegisound is a small ISO 9001:2008 certified business located in Christiansburg, Virginia. Our products significantly improve hearing protection, safety, and communications in continuous extreme noise environments, typically ranging from 105 to 150 dB(a). We manufacture and sell noise suppression (single and double hearing protection), head protection and communication products based on patented technologies designed to address the most extreme noise levels. These harsh conditions are often found in heavy industrial and military occupational environments such as oil and gas, construction, military, heavy industrial, mining, metalworking, chemical and aerospace. Simply put: Aegisound products offer superior hearing protection in extreme noise environments.

Decibel Spectrum